5.11 EMT EMS Boots

5.11 is a giant in the EMS/EMT field. The company I work for as an EMT gets all our pants and shirts from 5.11. You can find their gear in most brick and mortar stores, as well as everywhere online. Their boots are a good value, mostly in the mid-range price wise. You may not get multiple years of use from them, but you won’t pay $200+ for a pair of quality 5.11 boots. Most 5.11 EMT boot models are in the $100-$170 price range.

I have a pair of the 5.11 EVO Storm 8″ Boots. I really like them. Not as much as my Redback Easy Escapes, but I doubt any pair of boots will change that first love. 5.11 has a wide variety of boots for EMTs and EMS professionals. You’ll be hard pressed to find a model you won’t love.

5.11 EMT EMS Boot Reviews