Haix EMS Boot Reviews

Doing Double Duty? Are you an EMT, paramedic and firefighter all rolled into one? You need the best work boots that can perform well in any situation.

HAIX makes great EMS, paramedic, and firefighter boots. They are a great choice for the people doing double duty.

The HAIX Airpower R2 boot shown on the left is fantastic for double duty firefighters and paramedics. The steel puncture plate makes for a nail proof boot. That is a comforting feeling when you are working at a scene and cannot help but stepping on nails, car accident debris, or any sharp objects.

Your feet stay protected.

I don’t have to tell you how absolutely vital that is to your health and your performance on the job. Any small cut or puncture can develop into something that can put you on the sidelines for a while. No one wants that.

HAIX boots help keep your feet dry and protected. That sounds great to me.

I really like their website too. It has a great “Explore Inside” widget for each boot. You find this by clicking on the boot you want, and finding the Explore Inside icon. It shows you the construction and materials used for the outside of the boot. As you move the cursor over the boot, it reveals the inside construction of the boot.

However, my favorite part of the site is that you can compare the boots. A side by side comparison grid built into their website. You can compare up to 5 boots at a time. This will give pictures of the boots and details listed so that you can get exactly what you want without spending a lot of time searching through the specs. I love saving time.

The Basics

  • HAIX Boots prices range from mid-range to premium at $150-305 USD for most of the boots. I saw one boot for sale for $100. They also have “factory-seconds” with slight blemishes that come with a steep discount
  • Certified for NFPA 1999, ASTM F 2413, and CAN/CSA-Z195
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes start at 5 with medium, wide and extra wide options. Women’s US sizes start at 5 with medium, wide and extra wide options. They do have a “sign up for alert” in some of the extra wide sizes
  • They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online

Deep Research

  • Chemical Protection. Protects you from blood-borne pathogens, chemicals and uncertain terrain
  • Classified UL
  • Waterproof
  • Gore CROSSTECH options
  • Sun Reflect technology
  • Composite or Steel-cap Toe options
  • Arch support system which allows your foot to remain in an optimal position
  • Shock absorbent soles that prevent impact that might affect your intervertebral discs and joints
  • Black Eagle Warranty – 2 year limited warranty. Very cool

About the Company

  • German-owned and German-engineered and the company guarantees they are European-made
  • The US/Canada office was established in 2003
  • They have been making boots for fire, police, EMS for over 50 years