Magnum EMS Boot Reviews

Magnum Boots for EMS

Need Durable EMS Boots? If you are looking for an EMT/EMS boot from a company that has the most styles of EMS boots, then Magnum is for you.

The Stealth Force 8.0 Side Zip Composite Toe Waterproof boot shown on the left is designed tread silently and enable you to move swiftly.

EMS is not an afterthought on their site. They sum up their stance on EMS nicely, “In a job where distractions can make the difference between life and death, the last thing you should have to worry about is your footwear. That’s why our EMS boots are designed to be the most comfortable and durable boots you’ve ever worn.”

I LOVE Magnum boots. They fit very well and wear like iron. During my 20+ years of trying different brands of boots, I found Magnum boots and never looked back. The soles wear like iron and they remain comfortable from the day you put them on, until you are just plain tired of them and want a new pair. Magnum touts that their boots are “built like a battleship” and they are not kidding.

My old boots get a second life by helping me do my yard work. Who cares if I burn them a little while burning brush or at a bonfire kicking the embers around? I have an old pair just for painting and staining. They look terrible with all that paint on them, but my feet are still dry and comfy. It takes me years to wear down the soles.

Everyone has their own brand that will fit the best. My brand is Magnum.

Magnum makes many styles and a wide range of sizes for the EMS professional.

On the Magnum website you can click on the boot you want and watch a video of the boot details and demonstration. I like that, as you can get a lot more information about the boot in the video than what they have listed. Like a great kick plate on the back of the boot that is not listed in the details. If you want to buy the boots, you will have to go to a distributor website (see the basics section below).

The one downside is that they don’t have a filter on their website for sizes. It is just sorted by position, name and price. You have to go into each boot to find out the details of the boot. Also, no comparison tool on the site. Although, you can get those options on the sites where you can actually purchase the Magnum boots( see the basics section below) .

The Basics

  • Magnum Boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $85-155 USD for most of the boots
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 7-15 with medium and extra wide widths. There are 17 styles for men’s boots
  • Sizes Women’s US sizes 5.5-11 with medium width only. There are 2 styles of women’s boots
  • They can be bought on Amazon, and several physical stores in the US and of course online. The Magnum site does not sell the boots directly from their US online store. You will have to buy them from any number of online stores, including: Tactical Gear, LA Police Gear, Quartermaster,, Walmart online, Altatec, WorkBootsUSA, etc.

Deep Research

  • Full grain leather and 1,800 denier nylon upper
  • Scratch-resistant and airport safe non-metal, anti-glare hardware lacing system
  • YKK circular side zipper
  • Coats Barbour anti-fraying stitching thread
  • M-P.A.C.T. memory foam, EVA and Poron removable contoured sockliner
  • ASTM F2413-11 approved safety composite toe
  • ASTM rated Electrical Hazard (EH) protection
  • Lightweight cushioned RECOIL midsole
  • Composite airport safe lightweight shank
  • X-traction outsole: siping for wet surfaces, arch support, fence-gripping toe
  • Waterproof and breathable bootie membrane

About the Company

  • Founded in 1974 as Hi-Tec Sports in Essex, England
  • Supplied FBI with training boots since 1982
  • In 2006 Magnum Stealth is the #1 selling uniform boot in the world

Magnum is a spin-off brand from Hi-Tect Sports, founded in Sussux, England. The brand was born from demand at the FBI training centre at Quantico, Virginia in the United States. The brand is most popular among law enforcement professionals, but makes a number of boots for the EMT / EMS world as well. Their boots are not manufactured in the United States.