Nike EMS Boot Reviews

Nike SFB Tactical Boots

Are you a Tactical Athlete? I love that phrase, “Tactical Athlete”. It sure feels like that sometimes doesn’t it? Does your job feel more like it should be added to the Olympics as a sport? Decathlon? Some people may think that is exaggerating. Pish, they should walk in your boots some shifts.

Nike’s SFB Field 2 8″ GORE-TEX(Special Fields Boot) Outdoor Boot has aggressive traction with sticky rubber and a durable upper to provide comfortable support. The boot has an internal “rock shield” for multi-surface grip and puncture protection.

Nike has put out a tactical boot that can be a great EMS boot and it is lightweight and comfortable. The upper is synthetic and textile.

If your main concern is a comfortable boot, you may want to check it out.

This boot is comfortable like a sneaker, but designed for all-day wear in the field.

Do you remember all of the moves you could make with a good sneaker? How you tried to convince your Mom to buy the right ones so that you could make that goal easier, run faster, jump higher, or just move like the wind. If you want that feeling back while you are working, check out these boots.

I used to work with a gal who bought a pair of Nike boots for work. She loved them. They were light, and were as comfortable as her own at home sneakers. She said that she would always wear these type of boots from then on. We would walk 6 miles a day or more every day at work. That was a regular shift. So you can imagine what a relief it was to put on a lightweight pair of boots every day. They kept her feet dry too and they had great traction. Fatigue was not too much of a problem either. The lighter weight of the boots gave her feet a much needed break.

If your main goal is lighter weight boots, order these boots. I think you will be happy with them.

The Basics

  • Nike Boots prices range from mid-range to premium at $100-200 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes start at 5 with regular width only. Women’s US sizes start at 6.5 with regular width only. * Nike SFB Gen 2 goes down to size 4 Men, 5.5 for Women. They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online

Deep Research

  • Synthetic leather and nylon canvas upper for durability
  • Foam midsole delivers lightweight cushioning
  • Gore-Tex lining is water-resistant to keep your feet dry
  • Internal rock shield provides protection while being flexible
  • Weight: 16.4 ounces

About the Company

  • Founded by University of Oregon track athlete and his coach in 1964.
  • They have been making athletic shoes for over 50 years