Magnum EMS Boot Reviews

Magnum Boots for EMS

Need Durable EMS Boots? If you are looking for an EMT/EMS boot from a company that has the most styles of EMS boots, then Magnum is for you.

The Stealth Force 8.0 Side Zip Composite Toe Waterproof boot shown on the left is designed tread silently and enable you to move swiftly.

EMS is not an afterthought on their site. They sum up their stance on EMS nicely, “In a job where distractions can make the difference between life and death, the last thing you should have to worry about is your footwear. That’s why our EMS boots are designed to be the most comfortable and durable boots you’ve ever worn.”

I LOVE Magnum boots. They fit very well and wear like iron. During my 20+ years of trying different brands of boots, I found Magnum boots and never looked back. The soles wear like iron and they remain comfortable from the day you put them on, until you are just plain tired of them and want a new pair. Magnum touts that their boots are “built like a battleship” and they are not kidding.

My old boots get a second life by helping me do my yard work. Who cares if I burn them a little while burning brush or at a bonfire kicking the embers around? I have an old pair just for painting and staining. They look terrible with all that paint on them, but my feet are still dry and comfy. It takes me years to wear down the soles.

Everyone has their own brand that will fit the best. My brand is Magnum.

Magnum makes many styles and a wide range of sizes for the EMS professional.

On the Magnum website you can click on the boot you want and watch a video of the boot details and demonstration. I like that, as you can get a lot more information about the boot in the video than what they have listed. Like a great kick plate on the back of the boot that is not listed in the details. If you want to buy the boots, you will have to go to a distributor website (see the basics section below).

The one downside is that they don’t have a filter on their website for sizes. It is just sorted by position, name and price. You have to go into each boot to find out the details of the boot. Also, no comparison tool on the site. Although, you can get those options on the sites where you can actually purchase the Magnum boots( see the basics section below) .

The Basics

  • Magnum Boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $85-155 USD for most of the boots
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 7-15 with medium and extra wide widths. There are 17 styles for men’s boots
  • Sizes Women’s US sizes 5.5-11 with medium width only. There are 2 styles of women’s boots
  • They can be bought on Amazon, and several physical stores in the US and of course online. The Magnum site does not sell the boots directly from their US online store. You will have to buy them from any number of online stores, including: Tactical Gear, LA Police Gear, Quartermaster,, Walmart online, Altatec, WorkBootsUSA, etc.

Deep Research

  • Full grain leather and 1,800 denier nylon upper
  • Scratch-resistant and airport safe non-metal, anti-glare hardware lacing system
  • YKK circular side zipper
  • Coats Barbour anti-fraying stitching thread
  • M-P.A.C.T. memory foam, EVA and Poron removable contoured sockliner
  • ASTM F2413-11 approved safety composite toe
  • ASTM rated Electrical Hazard (EH) protection
  • Lightweight cushioned RECOIL midsole
  • Composite airport safe lightweight shank
  • X-traction outsole: siping for wet surfaces, arch support, fence-gripping toe
  • Waterproof and breathable bootie membrane

About the Company

  • Founded in 1974 as Hi-Tec Sports in Essex, England
  • Supplied FBI with training boots since 1982
  • In 2006 Magnum Stealth is the #1 selling uniform boot in the world

Magnum is a spin-off brand from Hi-Tect Sports, founded in Sussux, England. The brand was born from demand at the FBI training centre at Quantico, Virginia in the United States. The brand is most popular among law enforcement professionals, but makes a number of boots for the EMT / EMS world as well. Their boots are not manufactured in the United States.

Tru-Spec EMS Boot Reviews

Tru-Spec Boots for EMS

Good Work Boots, Good Prices If you are looking for an EMT/EMS boot that give you the basics and are pretty comfortable, then you may want to look at these boots.

The Tac Assault 9″ Side Zip boot shown on the left has been “completely redesigned to provide supportive, agile, stable and comfortable performance.”

Tru-Spec has 3 styles of boots. All of the styles are Tac Assault boots. There are really basically the same style with different height options: 6″, 9″ and 9″ with zipper options.

The boots have the basics including a sole plate constructed from 32% Kevlar®, a good midsole for shock absorbent comfort and a removable insole.

Buy two pairs of new boots! Do you have an allotted uniform budget? With the reasonable prices on these good quality boots, you can buy two pairs of boots so that you can retire your old boots that have seen better days.

I loved having two pairs of boots. I would wear one pair regularly, and when they got soaked through wet, I would wear my back-up pair. I would try to wear out my old boots first before starting to use my new pair. Yeah, that never really worked out as I had planned.

I would work for about two weeks or so, and then I would find all sorts of excuses to wear my new boots. Oh, I should make sure they fit well. I should break them in. Hey, I don’t want to run out of warranty before finding out if they can really stand up to my wear and tear. By the end of the month, I would just give up and the old boots would go into the closet.

On the Tru-Spec website you have 3 choices for footwear. All of them are Tac Assault boots. The only difference is the height and if you want a zipper on the side. I guess there isn’t a lot of wasted time going through different styles on this site.

The Basics

  • Tru-Spec Boots prices are budget priced at $64-82 USD for most of the boots
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 5-13 in regular and 7-12 in wide widths. *Boots tend to run about a half size large
  • Sizes Women’s US . See men’s sizes
  • They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online at Tru-Spec

Deep Research

  • 1000D CORDURA® nylon uppers
  • Water repellent leather
  • Ergonomically padded 9″ ankle collar
  • Side YKK® rust proof zipper with hook & loop tab
  • Improved compression molded EVA midsole for shock absorbent comfort
  • Rugged rubber non-slip lug sole for durability
  • Dyna-Flex non-metallic sole plate for stability and puncture resistance constructed from 32% Kevlar®
  • Removable contoured shock absorbing POLIYOU® insole that is washable, breathable and anti-bacterial
  • Copper eyelets
  • Warranty- 2 years

About the Company

  • Tru-Spec is owned by Atlanco
  • Atlanco has been making personal equipment for military, law enforcement and public safety for over 50 years
  • Based in Marietta, GA, USA
  • Boots are imported

Avenger EMS Boot Reviews

Avenger Boots for EMS

Safety Toe Boots in Avenger

Avenger Boots. When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Wear Avenger. Avenger has some serious toe protection in their boots.

The Avenger 7310 – 8″ Black Met Guard boot on the left is as sturdy as they come. With all of the goodies, your feet stay protected.

Avenger boots only make work footwear. That is all they do. Their tagline is “Unsurpassed Comfort and Value In Traditional Work Boots”. I like that they only make safety footwear. Their attention isn’t diverted to other projects, and they can concentrate on making really great work footwear that keep all of us going.

Avenger numbers their boots instead of naming them. The best boot that I found was the #7310, although the #7300 looked pretty good too. They are both categorized as a Heavy Industrial boot.

On the Avenger’s website you can chose between: Heavy Industrial, Construction and Utility, and Manufacturing and Distribution sections.

The boots above are in the Heavy Industrial section. Also, in the Distribution section, don’t let the shoe images misguide you as there are some nice boots in that section too.

When you get into your right selection then you can filter by size, width, brand, safety features, color, and gender.

Safety Features include:

  • Composite Safety Toe
  • Electrical Hazard
  • Insulated, Metatarsal Guard
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • Steel Toe
  • No Exposed Metal
  • Waterproof

The site provides good pictures for the boots. There are multiple views and close up of the boot.

If I could change something on this site, I would just combine all three of the Avenger boot types together so that I don’t have to keep going back and forth to compare boots from heavy industrial to construction and utility. Or I would have a comparison tool on the site.

The Basics

  • Avenger Boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $90-170 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 7-17 with medium, and wide widths for most boots. There is a boot (#7547) that goes up to size 17 with 4E and 6E width!
  • Sizes Women’s US sizes 6-11 with medium and wide widths. In the Manufacturing and Distributing section, there are two black hiking boot styles for women. NO women’s boots/shoes in the Heavy Industrial NOR in the Construction and Utility. You will have more of a selection if you wear women’s size 9 or above as then you could buy the men’s shoes.
  • Avenger/ Footwear Specialties International Retail Partners are: Grainger, Rogan’s Shoes, Lehigh Outfitters, Lehigh Safety Shoes, STS (Steel Toe Shoes), and Sheplers. You can also shop directly on line at Footwear Specialties International for free shipping.

Deep Research

  • Meet or exceed ASTM F2413-11 in all toe caps (steel, composite and the lightweight All Carbon Nanofiber Safety Toe)
  • Meet or exceed Impact/Compression ratings for EH, SD (up to 75 lbs of impact and 2500 lbs of compression)
  • Metatarsal Guard (The internal Metatarsal Guard line provides more substantial protection including high heat outsole protection to 600° F. All of the Metatarsal Guard footwear meet or exceed ASTM 2413-11 Section 5.3 specifications.
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Rubber Slip and Oil-resistant outsole
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated with Thinsulate
  • Warranty – 30 day comfort guarantee, 60-day return with free return shipping

About the Company

  • Avenger is a brand made by Footwear Specialties International
  • Footwear Specialties Int’l has been making safety footwear since 1996
  • Portland, OR headquarters
  • Footwear Specialties has the mantra of “We Only Do Work“. Per their site they make “sure today’s workers needing safety footwear, have not only safe, but also comfortable, work footwear.”
  • Footwear Specialties brands include Avenger, Nautilus Safety Footwear and SkidBuster (slip resistant footwear)

Rocky EMS Boot Reviews

Rocky Boots for EMS


If you are looking for an EMT/EMS boot that can get the job done and you will actually be seen while doing your job, then you may want to look at these boots.

Rocky 1st Med Carbon Fiber Toe Puncture-Resistant Side-Zip Waterproof Duty Boot shown on the left is designed with you in mind.

This guaranteed Rocky® Waterproof boot was designed with an EMT in mind. Created with many safety features, the medical duty boot is bloodborne pathogen resistant, which is safer for EMTs.

They even thought of reflective highlights so that you can be easily seen. Now I would love to see that designed into every boot for EMT’s. How many times have we thought we might be accidently hit by a passing car because they just didn’t see us.

Crap that car was close! It’s gone through all of our minds. It’s like they didn’t even see me and almost ran over my foot because it is hanging out a little into the lane. I especially worry about this at night. In a dark area, trying to get the right balance while the rest of me is mostly inside of a car checking a patient for ABC’s and bleeding. On some runs, nothing goes right. The angles are wrong, we all have to be contortionists sometimes just to get vitals.

Maybe having some reflective highlights or reflective tape on our boots can help the passing cars to see us better. What do you do about this problem?

The Rocky website is divided between men and women, then further divided by type of purpose for footwear (duty boot suggested), size, price, features and width.

In the duty footwear there is a list of options including: hot weather, military, waterproof, protective toe, the different military branches, berry compliant (preference to domestic products), safe to fly, and cold weather to name most options.

When researching I found a bit of a different build on their website through their About page that brought me into a “Duty Shop”. You can shop by collection on this part of the site. The collections/styles include: 1st Med, 911, AlphaForce, etc. I like this part of the site. Check it out if you like a particular style.

The Basics

  • Rocky boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $89-159 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 4-13 with medium and wide widths. 35 Duty boot styles in men’s sizes
  • Sizes Women’s US sizes 5-10 with medium and wide widths. 5 Duty boot styles in women’s sizes
  • They can be bought at on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online at

Deep Research

  • Guaranteed Rocky® Waterproof construction,waterproof protection while maintaining breathability
  • Inside side zipper
  • ASTM F2413 protective toe classification
  • ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard
  • Reflective highlights
  • Lenzi puncture-resistant plate
  • Carbon fiber protective toe cap
  • Bloodborne pathogen resistant
  • ASTM F2413 puncture resistant standards
  • Full-grain leather and CORDURA nylon
  • Slip-resistant rubber/EVA outsole
  • Oil- and slip-resistant, non-marking RigiTrac molded EVA/rubber outsole, option
  • Warranty – 1 year limited warranty

About the Company

  • Started in 1932 in Ohio, 1972 renamed to Rocky
  • Headquartered in Nelsonville, Ohio
  • Parent company, Rocky Brands

Original EMS Boot Reviews

Original S.W.A.T. Boots for EMS

Want a wide selection of EMS boots? With Original S.W.A.T. you have a wide selection of boots.

These boots are sturdy and you can confidently take on the hazards of any environment.

The Classic 9″ SZ Safety Plus boot shown on the left is designed for tactical wear, so it is great in active situations. It has a side zip for easy on and off wear.

Original SWAT has several styles of boots including: Chase, Classic, Metro, Force and Safety which are all tactical boots. From the ground up, their tactical boots are engineered for safety.

On the Original S.W.A.T. website is essentially a landing page and will bring you to the Original Footwear company where Original SWAT, Smith and Wesson, and Altama products are available. In the Original SWAT section, you can filter your choice of boots by color, height, feature (waterproof and side-zip), and type (gender or accessories). There is also a great in depth descriptions at Army-technology site, but the website will go right back to the Original Footwear company.

The Original Footwear site also has a handy store finder if you want to go in and try something on. I would call ahead though and make sure they have what you are looking for. Or you could just order online and return if the boots do not work for you. With the 60 day comfort guarantee, it is easy to return.

The Basics

  • Original SWAT Boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $89-159 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 4-15 with medium and wide (EEE) width options.
  • Sizes Women’s US sizes. None found. Please see men’s sizes.
  • They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online at Original Footwear

Deep Research

  • LENZI® non-metallic L-Protection® anti-penetration board keeps your feet safe from puncture dangers with pre-treated ceramic and high tenacity fibers
  • Full grain leather / Cordura® 1000 denier nylon upper for improved durability and comfort
  • Moisture-wicking lining with AEGIS antimicrobial protection
  • Ortholite® insole featuring open-cell technology provides comfort that will not diminish over time
  • Custom-molded thermoplastic heel counter and toe box for instant comfort and lateral support
  • All our boots are slip-resistant and oil-resistant, tested to and exceeding the ASTM F489-96 standard
  • Slip and oil-resistant, non-marking rubber, exceeds the ASTM F2913-11 slip resistance
  • CSA-approved safety boots
  • Warranty – 60 Day Comfort Guarantee | 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

About the Company

  • Started in 1999 in Stockton, CA, USA
  • The Original Footwear Company, Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures tactical footwear for law enforcement, corrections, military, EMT’s, and other works.
  • Its boots are available through a network dealer shops and online dealers.
  • The founder, Terry Mackness, sought to develop the best lightweight tactical boot available at a price point that every uniform could afford.
  • Imported boots made in Philippines, Cambodia or Vietnam.

Reebok EMS Boot Reviews

Reebok Boots for EMS

Good Work Boots for EMS If you are looking for some serious comfort in your EMT/EMS boot, check these boots out.

The Reebok Duty RB8674 Rapid Response RB Men’s Stealth 6″ boot shown on the left is designed for tactical wear, so it is great in active situations.

Reebok sums it up on their site “Designed with athletic performance technologies to turn marathon work days into walks in the park.”

Now doesn’t that sound nice? I have certainly worked my share of 16 hour days with sore feet and protesting leg muscles. I think I would have liked to be wearing a pair of Reeboks. I am sure you have had those days too.

You think that you will just sail right through your shift and have something planned for after work. Nope, your coworker just called in and now you either have to work their whole shift or split it with someone else. You may even work in 24 hour increments. Either way, you need to have boots stand up to the rigors of your schedule.

On the Reebok website you can filter by feature, toe type, footwear type and gender. The features filter has a whole slew of options including: Safety toe, conductive, waterproof, slip resistant, puncture resistant, static dissipative, security friendly, airport friendly, Footfuel footbed comfort technology, Memory Tech Massage cushion footbed, and made in the USA to name about half of the options.

When you are filtering, you will need to add the filter and then remember to press the filter button! Otherwise you will look confused like I did and wonder what I did wrong. I thought it automatically filtered when you selected the options, but you do need to press the filter button after any adjustment.

I really like the substance “Resistance” scale that they have for each style. It includes: Slip, Oil, Metal Chips, Heat, Abrasion, and Chemicals. What a great idea. If you know you are working with certain substances it is good to know that your boots can handle it, before you need to handle it.

The Basics

  • Reebok Boots prices range in the midrange at $113-158 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes start at 7-16 in medium and wide widths. 14 styles
  • Sizes Women’s US sizes 6-12 in medium and wide widths. 7 styles
  • They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online at Reebok

Deep Research

  • Options of soft toe or composite toe
  • XTR® Brand Extra Wide Composite Safety Toe Cap
  • Electrical Hazard Protection
  • Foot Force® Footbed
  • Meets ASTM F2413 safety standards
  • Airport Friendly
  • Smooth Leather and Ballistic Nylon Upper
  • Extra wide toe box available – Nice!
  • Warranty, 30-day comfort guarantee. Warson brands 12 month limited warranty. * Warson brands sells work shoes for Reebok, Florshime and Rockport

About the Company

  • Founded in 1958 in UK
  • Reebok is an American-inspired global brand
  • Headquarters in Boston, MA, USA
  • Has shoe testing robot (different, but probably good)
  • Reebok is owned by Adidas out of Germany

Under EMS Boot Reviews

Under Armor Boots for EMS

Need Athletic Tactical Boots? The UA Stellar Tactical Side Zip boot shown on the left is designed for tactical wear, so it is great in active situations. It has a side zip for easy on and off wear. They have a great look to them as well.

The Under Armor boots have a lot of great attributes like a nice snug fit, stylish look, and super light like the Stellar Tactical which weighs in at a little over a pound.

To be upfront, there is no protective toe as EMS knows it. That is a total bummer as I need to protect my toes in my job. These boots are more of a tactical boot for jobs that are more about athletics and running than protecting their feet from sharp metal and debris.

EMS staff should always buy what is best for their own situation and foot issues. If you work in an environment where you are doing more running and rushing about than going to bad car accidents, then you may want to check out this boot.

On the Under Armor’s website you can filter the choice of boots by gender, category, color, size and fit, sport (tactical), technology and price range. I like that you can change each of these individually without having to go through a whole filter process again. There are also technologies to choose from. Gortex to stay dry. All Season Gear, UA Micro G, Charged Cushioning, and Clutch Fit to stay ready.

Under Armor is great gear for athletes. It is comfortable and is designed to wick away moisture.

The Basics

  • Under Armor boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $85-200 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes 8-15 with medium and wide widths. 12 styles to choose from for medium widths
  • Women’s Tactical boots in US sizes 6-11 with medium width only. 4 styles to choose from for womens boots
  • They can be bought at on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online at Under
  • At Under Armor there is free shipping and free returns

Deep Research

  • UA Storm gear uses a DWR finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability
  • Leather & 900D nylon textile combine for a soft & light upper
  • Medial side zipper for ease of entry
  • Quick-dry minimalist design with polishable toe
  • Molded EVA midsole with reinforced TPU shank for protection & support
  • High-traction rubber lug outsole provides grip & stability on a variety of conditions
  • Warranty – 60 days free shipping on returns

About the Company

  • Started in 1996 in Maryland by a football player to make moisture wicking t-shirts
  • Sustainability and Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Global Philanthropy #WeWill check it out here.

Rothco EMS Boot Reviews

Rothco Boots for EMS

Tactical Boot and Blood Borne Pathogen Boot

Yes! A boot maker that is just as concerned with blood borne pathogens as we are.

Rothco 6 Inch Blood Pathogen Resistant & Waterproof Tactical Boot is pictured on the left. It is new to their site. I am sure we will soon see an increase of more companies making inserts specifically for blood borne pathogens too.

Rothco makes many styles for the Military & Tactical Boot.

On the Rothco website you can filter the choice of boots by markets ( use), color and material. They also have a cold and wet weather filter which is handy if you live in those type of climates.

They do not readily list the price, you have to go into the individual boot details to find it. They include tabs for product details, description, specifications ( with an option for very detailed specifications sent to your inbox), and reviews. That is pretty comprehensive.

They do have a compare option on their site for up to 4 boots. While comparing, you can also highlight similarities or differences for quicker review.

Overall, I really like their site. I would prefer that they show the prices when you first see the boot. I am always price shopping even if someone else is paying for it.

Rothco boots are relatively inexpensive. So, it is easy on the budget.

The Basics

  • Rothco Boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $45-120 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes start at 3 in some styles with regular width only. There is no option for wide width
  • Sizes Women’s. None specifically for women. See Men’s sizes
  • They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online at

Deep Research

  • Leather / nylon upper
  • Waterproof options
  • Blood borne pathogen membrane which protects the wearer from blood-borne pathogens in one style of boot.
  • Moisture wicking lining to ensure optimal comfort and dryness
  • Steel shank
  • Slip-resistant cup sole provides maximum grip
  • Removable inserts
  • Product origin China
  • WARNING: This product can expose you to Bis-(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

About the Company

  • Company started in 1953 as an outlet for used military clothing and Army surplus
  • Located in New York state
  • If you really like reading the history of a company, Rothco has a 267 page “Story of Rothco” that you can view. I kid you not
  • Rothco service means all orders ship within 24 hours of being placed, and they have a 99% in-stock rate
  • According to their website they are “The World’s Foremost Supplier of Military, Tactical, Outdoor Clothing and Gear”

Smith & Wesson EMS Boot Reviews

Smith & Wesson EMS Boots

Smith & Wesson boots Don’t they make guns?

Yes, but they also make boots. Smith and Wesson has a selection of boots, but you won’t find them at the Smith and Wesson site.

The boot on the left is made by the same legendary company that produces firearms with power, quality, and endurance. The Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Waterproof 8″ Side Zip Boot is a waterproof zip up boot that offers the comfort, durability, traction, and protection of high quality craftsmanship.

Footwear by Smith and Wesson falls into several series:

Breach series (Previous Defender series)

Guardian series

Shield series

Tac series (previous Performance series)

Hiker/Tracker series

Trying to find the Smith and Wesson shoe website is impossible. There is nothing about boots on the actual Smith and Wesson site.

Try or Tactical Gear by clicking on their names. There is one website that is Smith & Wesson footwear, but it appears to be a page out of the site for Original Footwear Co. and only sells the Breach Series. Local stores like Walmart may sell the boots as well. But only in Men’s sizes.

The Basics

  • Smith and Wesson Boots prices range from budget to mid-range at $70-95 USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes start at 7 with regular and wide widths.
  • Women’s US sizes none found. See men’s sizes
  • They can be bought on Amazon, some models in Walmart, and of course online at retail stores., Tactical Gear, Original Footwear and Optics Planet to name a few. Best place to find them is searching Google Shopping. There are no boots listed at the Smith and Wesson store

Deep Research ** Please note that info in this section has been gleaned off of retail sites as Smith and Wesson doesn’t have it on their own site.

  • Hydroguard waterproof construction
  • Steel shank
  • Board-lasted construction, reducing foot fatigue
  • YKK® side zipper in durable Vision® pattern

About the Company

  • Smith and Wesson has been making firearms since 1852. That is over 160 years.
  • Headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • No info on website as to when they started making boots

Thorogood EMS Boot Reviews

Thorogood EMS Boots

EMS and Wildland boots

If EMS and wildfires are your jam, these Thorogood boots have you covered.

The boot shown on the left is the Men’s Safety Toe – Power EMS/Wildland Boot. It is “dual-certified as a cross between a station boot, EMS, and wildland firefighting”. This is the only “EMS” specific boot on the site and it is listed in the fire boot section. As expected, there are many more Thorogood boots in the uniform boot section that will work well too.

Thorogood states it is “Using the latest technology to prevent fatigue, absorb repeated shocks, and wick away moisture and bacteria.”

I like that they are concerned about the repeated shocks and actually it is the only site I have found so far that addresses bacteria. We all know how itchy and stinky that can get!

The Thorogood Website has several sections, but the uniforms section is where you are probably headed as that will be the closest to EMT boots. There is a section on Fire boots as well.

The Uniform Boots section has 61 styles to choose from. Although, even when I use the filter for “boot” only, somehow some shoes snuck into the results. So really I counted about 30 actual boots. Still, a nice selection.

I would like a better sorting option on this site as it goes into high and low prices and popularity, but doesn’t address color, height of boot, etc. The site shows 12 boots/shoes per page and has a bunch of pages that you have to scroll through. Also there doesn’t appear to be a comparison section for the comparing their boots to one another. That would be handy to have.

Just one more issue you should know about the prices are not listed readily, you have to go into each shoe description to get the prices.

My advice, if you are actually shopping for these boots, go to a retailer like Midwest boots, or some such site. It will take you less time.

The Basics

  • Thorogood Boots prices range from mid-range to premium at $107-300+ USD for most of the boots.
  • Sizes Men’s US sizes start at 4 with medium, wide and extra wide options.
  • Women’s US sizes start at 5 with narrow, medium,and wide options.
  • They can be bought on Amazon, several physical stores in the US and of course online

Deep Research

  • Waterproof. BBP X-Stream
  • Removable polyurethane footbed
  • Puncture resistant insole. Lenzi L-Protection flexible, non-metallic
  • Steel Triple-rib Logger shank
  • Vibram Structural Fire and Ice Sole and will not freeze
  • ** Not designed for NFPA1971 structural fire fighting
  • Goodyear Storm welt construction
  • Meets NFPA 1999 EMS, & 1977 Wildland
  • Meets ASTM F2413-11
  • Warranty – 1 year

About the Company

  • Wisconsin company of Weinbrenner Shoe Co makes the Thorogood Shoes in an employee-owned company.
  • Weinbrenner has been making footwear since 1892
  • Union shop since 1943. International Boot & Shoe Workers Union. Management and workers continue outstanding relationship through today.
  • 1988 “ThoroGard” division created featuring high-tech occupational safety footwear.
  • 2001 Within three days of the September 11 terror attacks, Weinbrenner donates and ships 300 pairs of durable work boots to Ground Zero for those working in the rubble. Another 200 pairs followed three days later.