Redback Easy Escape Steel Toe EMT EMS Boot Review

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The Redback Easy Escape Steel Toe Boot. It’s the perfect boot for everyday EMT work.

This is my #1 EMT boot hands down. I’ve used a few different types of EMT boots now working as a private EMT, and these are hands down my favorite boot to put on before my shift. After six months of rough use, they still look great, and with the leather broken in they feel even more comfortable then the first time I pulled them on.

Using these boots as an EMT

Let me tell you a quick story about why these boots are fantastic as an EMT…

I was with my partner and we had to move a rather large patient from our stretcher to the patient’s bed. The problem was that the bed was so wide, there was no way to keep your feet on the ground to pull during the sheet lift. A caregiver hopped on the bed (he had his shoes off) to get a better lift.

I looked at the clean white sheet and thought, “Well, I can’t stand on there, this is gonna be tough.” Then I remembered. I have my Redbacks on today! (I rotate between these and a pair of 5.11‘s)

I quickly slipped off my shoes and jumped up on the bed with the caregiver, and we quickly moved the patient safely off the stretcher and on to the bed. With my other pair of boots on, I would have had to spend a minute just getting them off, while 4 people waited for me. With the Redback Easy Escapes, I had them off in 2 seconds and was ready for the move. That’s just one example of when these come in handy.

When working a 24-hour shift, and trying to get some zz’s the last thing you want to hassle with at 3am while trying to get out of the door in 60 seconds is lacing up your boots.

For overnight shifts where I may get to sleep, I only use these boots. Being able to slip these on, and focus on the call, and not lacing my boots, is one less thing to think about as I’m trying to wake myself up for the call.


  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Sleek appearance looks good in jeans or ems pants
  • Composite steel toe handles bumps and bruises without feeling heavy
  • Very comfortable


  • Shorter height can make your ankle feel less stable
  • Small rocks embed easily in tread of the sole
  • Shorter height means your socks can sometimes be seen when legs are bent
  • $$$ with an average price > $150

Materials in the boot

EMT Reviews of these Boots

Favorite slip on boot

5 5 1
These are my go to boots for my 24-hour shifts. Very comfortable, easy to slip on. Only downside is they are a bit short and so sometimes my white socks will show above the boot when my pants leg bends.

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